Regaltech Delivers Integrated Robotic Solution to Bun Factory in Malaysia


Regaltech Delivers Integrated Robotic Solution to Bun Factory in Malaysia

2021 Oct 22

In collaboration with China’s DOBOT, Regaltech has successfully delivered and commissioned a bespoke Robotic solution for Kawan Food Berhad to improve the efficiency of their Bun factory operation in Malaysia.

The Industrial 4.0 solution delivered by Regaltech is a complete solution that includes hardware such as robotic arm, sensors, locking system as well as software and the integrated control system.

The DOBOT CR10 supplied is intelligent and self-learning with 6 axis joint range and a 1.3m working radius.

The end effector of the robotic arm is completely customized to suit the loading and unloading of trays with absolute precision. The end effector is built mainly with carbon fibre material and designed to be high strength and rigid to have a payload of 30 kg, powered by pneumatic transmission.

The system is also equipped with a smart auto lock and unlock system so that the trays’ trolley automatically is fixed in position prior to the unloading operation and automatically release after the operation cycle is completed.

The entire system is completely safe with smart alarms and sensors. The high repeatability, high consistency and high accuracy of the robotic system also greatly improve the operational efficiency in comparison to the manual labour operation in the past.

DOBOT is a world-leading provider of intelligent robotic arm solutions. For more about DOBOT, please refer to:

Regaltech is a leading provider of integrated smart solutions in the areas of Industrial 4.0, Agritech and Renewable energy. For more about Regaltech, please refer to &

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