Smart Farming

Connected Farming (Smart Farming IoT Crop Monitoring System)

IoT based sensor and gateway to collect data from the field to establish  a close loop system.

The connected farming that includes different soil sensors and environmental sensors are  connected to the IoT gateway and transmits to a secured cloud for remote monitoring. This  give the planters to have a better transparency and understanding what is exactly happening  in the greenhouse without being physical at the location.

Application Areas

Collecting data across the crop
Multiple system could deployed across the plantation to  understand the effect of different terrain zones on the  crops. Similarly, each system will be connected to  agriculture IoT portal for monitoring and analysis.
Benefit = Precise Farming, Safe Cost, Easy Monitoring From IoT Gloud.

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Smart IoT Fertigation System

It is a plug-and-play and simple-to-operate dosing system with automatic and manual functions.
Thanks to IoT technology the system is equipped with WiFi or ethernet connection to allow remote monitor and control the fertigation at your fingertip with valuable feedback data.


Remote monitoring and control
• Transparency of EC value and water temperature
• Tank low level indication
• Easy installation and maintenance