Regaltech Participate In NWICE 2022 (National Water Innovation Conference & Exhibition)

Our Smart Water Solutions is 

Safe, Smart and Sustainable solutions across the water cycle

Regaltech group is partnering with ABB to supply products and solutions
to automate, electrify and digitize 
water and wastewater plants and infrastructure.

ABB has introduced a water management platform that opens the door to new functions by bridging the gap between operational and information technologies.
Basically an expert system equipped with reasoning capabilities, the platform’s ability to connect dots holds potentially enormous value in areas such as strategic planning, asset management and reporting, as it helps operators to spot anomalous conditions, identify the root causes of problems, compare patterns, and even simulates cenarios.
Water resources and related infrastructures are experiencing an unprecedented array of challenges.
These include increasing levels of water scarcity, growing coastal salinity, pollution, infrastructure degradation, tightening regulations, and the limited willingness of many governments and communities to recognize the crucial economic impact of these threats.
As a result, operators of water systems are responding with a renewed 
focus on efficiency, which is being driven by adopting an increasingly.

ABB AquaProbe FEA100 - Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • The Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter AquaProbe FEA100 series is an economic alternative to full bore flow meters. It comprises an electromagnetic sensing head mounted on the end of a support rod. AquaProbe finds application in existing water distribution systems where provision for flow metering was not originally made and where a full bore flow meter would be uneconomic.

  • The assembly can be installed in existing pipelines without the need for major excavations or alterations to pipe work normally associated with the installation full bore meters.

ABB Aquamaster4 FEW4 & FET4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter 
  • Multiple measurement parameters 
  • flow rate, flow velocity, volume flow (forward, reverse and net) and pressure (option) Integrated mobile communications  
  • NB-IoT (LTE Cat NB1 for China) & 4G LTE Cat1 with fall back to 3G Multiple power options 
  • battery (with up to 10 years' life), solar/wind renewable and AC mains Wide range of sensor styles and size 
  • reduced bore DN40 to 600, virtual full bore DN40 to 200, full bore DN250 to 2400 and probe 300 to 1000 mm Ideal for arduous applications 
  • IP68 for submersion up to 10 m continuously and up to 5 m buriable Verification • in-situ diagnostics and self-checking capabilities to OIML type P Flexible communications 
  • pulse, Modbus™ and Sensus™ with NFC interface to mobile smartphone/tablet
 ABB Aztec 600 Colorimetric 
  • A compact, reliable range of ONLINE colorimetric analyzers that have been designed to meet the needs of the water industry.
  • Reliable Measurement 
  • Simple to Operate 
  • Simple to Maintain 
  • Reliable Data 
  • Flexible Communications

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27 Aug 2022