Regaltech’s Aquaponics Farm visited by Members of Parliament and Others


Regaltech’s Urban Farm visited by Malaysia Members of Parliament and Customers.

2021 Oct 22

This week, Members of Parliament, charitable organization, and companies who are interested in sustainable supply of food visited our smart farms in Puchong Malaysia.

Specifically, our outdoor aquaponics farm produces fishes and crops in an eco-system where the waste of the fishes is used as food for bacteria, to be converted into fertilisers for plants, before the return of water in clean and safe form to the fishes. This process is repeated in a closed loop system.

The entire system is aided by smart sensors to monitor the various environmental and ambient conditions, so that water temperature, PH, nutrients etc are always adequate and at optimum level to ensure the most healthy plant and fish growth.

These data are then uploaded into cloud that can be displayed or controlled in computer or mobile phone dashboards giving us transparent information during the entire farming process.

We also display our indoor urban farms i.e. Regaltech’s “Harvest IN” Vege / Herb towers that can be conveniently supply to residential household, retailers, restaurants, hospitals etc.

Since 2016, Regaltech has research and have our own smart indoor farm, producing leafy greens, herbs and all sorts of crops gathering all the data needed to ensure optimal yield and plant growth.

The reception from our guests is extremely positive. Companies express interest to integrate smart farming into their factories while government and charitable organizations are interested to render support, collaborating with Regaltech to build community farms to supply healthier and more affordable food for the needy.

15 Dec 2021