high purity gas regulator

  GENTEC® R13SL Series Stainless Steel Regulator is a Diaphragm-Sensed Single-Stage High Purity Gas Pressure Regulator.

Product Features
  • Single-Stage Configuration
  • Metal to Metal Seal
  • Inlet & Outlet Port Size: 1/4'' NPT(F)
  • 1.5'' Pressure Gauge
  • Gas Chroma

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GENTEC® HP 152T Series is a Dual-Stage High Purity Brass Regulator designed for High Purity applications where a consistent outlet pressure and flow are desired.
Not recommended for corrosive gases. 

Product Features 

  • 2” 316L Stainless Steel Diaphragm •
  • 2” Dual-Scale Pressure Gauges •

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