IoT Smart Fertigation System


IoT Smart Fertigation System


Smart Fertigation System: * Utilizing data analytics
By continually monitoring plant tissue health and nutrient levels, Visual dashboards display a system’s status and allow you to see which recipe is feeding, and what levels the pH and EC values, flow rates, system pressure, and all your nutrient levels.
* Automated precise nutrient dosing
Smart fertigation works well in both soil-based and hydroponic environments. It enables growers to be precise not only in the amounts of fertilizer delivered but also in the timing of that delivery.
* Improved resource usage
Smart Fertigation improves a grow operation’s resource usage by reducing waste across the entire system.

IoT Smart Fertigation Malaysia
Regaltech Smart Fertigation System
Our smart fertigation system offers a consistent injection of two fertilizers with 
remote monitoring of the water EC values in open fields sites equipped with electricity supply. The system is suitable for any irrigation system such as sprinkles, drippers and center pivot.
Our smart fertigation system is a plug-and-play and simple-to-operate dosing system with automatic and manual functions. The system is built on a sturdy aluminum frame and can accommodate 2 different types of dosing channels to suit the various needs of different sites. It is fitted with a control panel with and without EC controller options – for a simple and straight-forward operation or more advanced quantitative control to meet a vast range of crops needs.
Thanks to IoT technology the system is equipped with WiFi or ethernet connection to allow remote monitor and control the fertigation at your fingertip with valuable feedback data.
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Transparency of EC value and water temperature
  • Tank low-level indication
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Vast application area
  • Data collection from the system for analysis
  • Interactive dashboard for monitoring and controls
  • Modular fertigation system
  • Built around on standard platform with no moving parts
  • Efficient water, fertilizer, and energy consumption
  • Highly accurate dosing channel and automated operations
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation systems
  • Minimum investment
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IoT Smart Fertigation System Malaysia
Our Smart Fertigation System With IoT Gateway Monitoring Dashboard is highly efficient and cost-saving.

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