Remote Crops Monitoring System


The Farm Foodcraft Restaurant

  • Supply entire system of hardware and software
  • Digitalized water quality and ambient conditions
  • Monitoring of plant conditions
Maintain crop freshness!
Healthy, good quality & delicious!
Improve harvest yield
Grow a variety of crops!

Regaltech delivers farm-to-table IoT solutions to The Farm Foodcraft restaurant

2021 Apr 28

Ever think of implementing farm-to-table concept to your restaurants to let your customers eat fresh and delicious food with no preservatives, and knowing where the food they eat comes from?

The Farm Foodcraft restaurant, located at Bangsar South in Kuala Lumpur is one restaurant that provides farm-to-table experiences for its customers.

The farm of the restaurant is more than just an indoor farm. It also uses the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve the quality of the produce.

Regaltech is a company who has vast experience in smart IoT urban farming solutions since 2016 and is proud to be chosen by Farm Foodcraft to implement the smart IoT farming solution.

Regaltech’s remote plant monitoring system uses smart sensors to collect data on water and ambient conditions. These data will then upload into cloud platform to be analysed, feedback and displayed on the dashboards on monitors and mobile phones to help urban farmers to ensure optimal conditions for the growing of the crops.

With this solution, the harvest yield is improved and crops can maintain freshness for a longer period of time with reduced labour hours. There is also no limitation on the variety of crops planted.

16 Nov 2021