The Fourth Industrial Revolutions, IR 4.0 or Industry 4, involves expanding on the previous revolution which adapts the use of computers, sensors and automation in their systems, and enhances it with intelligent cyber-physical technology driven by data and machine learning, creating smart and autonomous systems.

These advanced systems can improve businesses in leaps and bounds regardless of what industry they may be in. IR 4.0 with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which is the integration of devices to communicate with each other, has the ability to “smarten” systems. Imagine a factory floor where all the machineries are connected to a central hub which utilizes data collected from all devices to automatically make adjustments to individual devices to optimize the performance of the entire factory, faster than any human is able to and with a much higher degree of accuracy.

These are made possible by utilizing latest sensor technologies, which are smaller and more accurate than ever before. Some of these sensors are such as those produced by our German associates, TURCK


Inductive Sensor                                                                                Flowmeter                                                     Rotary Position Sensor

Learn more about our sensor line here: Products

Our engineering team is highly qualified and experienced in bringing businesses cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions to increase efficiency, production, yield and quality, increase safety, reduce manpower and losses and boost productivity and profits. These solutions can be applied to more than factories and the manufacturing industry. Every industry can apply this technology and at various scales to see instant benefits.



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