Factory and Plant Automation

Factories are opting to use robotics and machinery to do more and more tasks as robots prices continue to drop while labour costs continue to rise. Manual labor which required a number of workers working in shifts can now be done by a single machine 24/7. In many factories worldwide, robots outnumber operators by a wide margin.

Our engineers analyze the various operations and requirements of processes and offer Industry 4.0 driven best suited custom-made solutions. The team have experience upgrading and creating smarter systems in various industries. Our experience includes:

                  Conveyor System                       
  • Belt Conveyor 
  • Motorized Roller Conveyor
Design, fabrication and installation of custom conveyor systems for F&B industry



       Meat Paste Transferring System       

Meat paste transferring device; piping with actuated valve to transfer meat from mixer to hopper, sensor to detect meat level in hopper, and control panel. 




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