About Us

Regaltech (M) Sdn Bhd had been established in Nov 2006. Our company is a private limited company found by Mr. Elson sun.

The initial portfolio comprised of process instrumentation solution provider and custom-designed including system solutions in the field of Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Industrial control systems.

Over the years, we have grown to become an established and reputable global player and trusted Joint Venture Partners. Our customers base spans across Malaysia and Singapore.

Regaltech pledge to understand customer intimately by working together hand-in-hand in solving customer challenges by delivering the right solution. Our creative, innovative and highly committed team delivers high quality end result. We oblige to manage every single project wholeheartedly and deliver the best end result for you to deliver the finest product and outcome to your clients.

All solutions provided are designed to enable customer to increase productivity, reduce cost, improve quality, heighten safety, and manage project timely, effectively and efficiently.

Regaltech provides best fit solutions for customer’s needs. We look into customer’s intended outcome and future plan to develop and deliver finest technology, engineering solutions or project management end result that suit the environment.

We believe in a balance world. We expand our business by not forgetting to contribute back to the world. Regaltech pledge to create job opportunity in various fields. We provide prospective job openings by collaborating with our wide network of partners, universities and government sectors. Regaltech too has committed itself into creating green environment. Our smart plantation technology has allowed us to open the doors to all citizens to be able to plant anywhere anytime just a click away. The smart plantation is our best-of-breed green technology without the need of fertilizer nor pesticides and the whole plantation process is manage via an application.



Motto, Mission & Vision

Our Motto



We shall continuously strive to exceed customer expectation by providing best solution, innovative technology, reliable knowledge which can work with society.


Regaltech Vision is to be a market leader of solution provider and become a TRUSTED PARTNER to our customers based on our knowledge and competency.

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