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ARGOS - Real Time Thermal Monitoring Attendance System

May 13, 2020
ARGOS - Real Time Thermal Monitoring Attendance System
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ARGOS (noun.)
            Derived from the name of a hundred eyed Greek mythological character -
            an alert or watchful person; a guardian 

With dual cameras, FLIR thermal camera and image in Pixel for high accuracy temperature reading with ±0.15 íŠ tolerance, and facial recognition HRMS capabilities for attendance, ARGOS is a complete solution to keep your employees and customers safe, ever a sharp watchful guardian. 

With AI deep learning engine to detect the exact forehead temperature, the system is accurate and reliable, giving an alarm alert if a high temperature individual is detected.

Already have an existing HRMS or security system? We can integrate the ARGOS system with your existing HRMS, security system, etc. or it can be a standalone system.

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